How to Successfully Run a Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding has become one of the best place for startups to share their ideas and get funding to start their ideas into reality. Everyone is turning to crowdfunding as it helps give the initial push to get their ideas or business off the ground. As crowdfunding is gaining more and more popularity, the battle of competition was also increasing, especially for top crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo that feature thousands of live projects at once.

If you’re planning to run a crowdfunding campaign for your business idea, then you might look into these few steps to how you can successfully run a crowdfunding campaign and to make your dreams a reality.

Share Your Story

Crowdfunding is all about stories. Don’t just show your idea in the campaign, but also share who you are, what your company believes, what you are planning to do, where the project idea came, why you’re passionate about it and what are your budget. All this story should explain in the campaign that will make people believe that you have actually put some thought into an idea and it will help prove the credibility of your product. Explain briefly why you need their support and how it can have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Image & Video

The presentation of the campaign is quite important and graphics will bring your project to life and will help create an informative and interesting campaign page. So, if you’re planning to run a crowdfunding campaign, then make sure to take time and create a wide array of graphics and designs. Along with images, videos are some of the popular forms of content on the internet today. A campaign with a pitch video raise 4 times more funds than without one, so it’s clear that crowdfunding requires a video about the product.

Set a Funding Goal

Setting a target goal is quite important and difficult. As in Kickstarter it All-or-Nothing, means if the campaign does not reach the target goal, then all the funds will be sent back to backers. In Indiegogo you can set fixed or flexible funding. Startups launching crowdfunding campaign need to be business savvy and to know how much money they need to get the business up and running. You need to know how many units you need to sell to reach your target goal. And as per research, perks help increase the chances of campaign success so spend time on creating a variety of perks that suit potential backers.

Promote Your Campaign

There are many reasons for people to support a crowdfunding campaign, but the only thing we need is to let people aware about the campaign. There are a numbers of ways to explore the campaign some of which includes social media, reaching out to media, blogs, contacting bloggers, email marketing and lots more. Although you may attract attention of new people to the campaign, but most of your support will come from those who already know you. So make sure to share with your circles.

Keep Updating

You need to share a regular update with backers as you move forward with your campaign. It is necessary as if you don’t share regular updates, then they may lose their interest that results in a refund of perks. Crowdfunding platforms have built in tools that allow you to update your backers, so use that tool and keep everyone in the loop. Be honest with your backers, even if your campaign fails, then make sure to quit in a proper way by explaining your problems honestly.


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