How to Promote your Crowdfunding Campaign for Free

The crowdfunding success stories have convinced thousands of people to jump into online funding before they properly understand what it takes to raise money from the crowd. This results to the fact that two-third of the campaign fails to reach their goals. Launching a crowdfunding campaign is not an easy task, as there will be many difficulties & challenges while reaching your target. In order to make your crowdfunding campaign a success, you have to reach out maximum number of potential backers as possible.

There are many paid services to get exposure of your campaign. Some of which include boosting of your campaign, social media ads, Press Releases, reaching bloggers & journalists, and lots more. The paid channel helps a campaign reach to maximum peoples, but sometime it’s not enough to reach your target. The fact is, the paid channels charge hundreds of thousands of dollars which are quite difficult for some campaigners and also the services that the third party is providing doesn’t have the personal touch that you need to reach people.

Before you go for paid services, check out a list of some free ways to promote your crowdfunding campaign.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools for a free crowdfunding promotion. So when you’re planning to run a crowdfunding campaign, then make sure to focus on social channels that will provide the most impact. There are numbers of social media channels, but some of the main channels that are quite helpful for a crowdfunding campaign were Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumble, and Google+. The Facebook has more than a billion active monthly users and which is a great place to promote your campaign.

Using social media doesn’t always mean posting and sharing about your campaign, but to find people that actually care about what you are doing. Search and join groups that are related to your campaign topic and increase followers that are interested in your product or idea. Your groups and followers will help you reach new audiences, create social proof and also make donations.

Press Release

A press release is another effective tool for a free crowdfunding campaign promotion. Writing a press release for your campaign that gets media attention will help your campaign to go viral and may also get funds to your campaign. There are many free press release sites where you can submit your press release for your campaign without any cost. Some of the free sites include CrowdfundingPR, PRLog, Free Press Release, 1888PressRelease, 24-7Press Release, etc.

While there are many services that write good press releases, but if you’re planning to write by yourself, then make sure your press release should not go wrong. A press release doesn’t mean the whole story of your campaign, but something that you need to announce and give enough information to make them interested in your campaign. If you are able to craft a compelling story, the press release will help you to reach more people and also get supporters to your campaign.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing can be an effective tool for getting contributors when used correctly. In crowdfunding, the best medium of communication is email marketing. And according to the survey, more than 30% of your campaign funds come from the people you already know. So it is important to have a strong email list before launching a crowdfunding campaign.

The most important thing in email marketing is the template. Your email template or design should be unique and attractive so that people interest to visit your campaign. While sending mail, make sure to optimize your subject line, maintain the right balance between text and images, link to campaign and social accounts, and a request to share the same with their contacts.


The Forum is another great tool to promote your crowdfunding campaign in front of many supporters. As we all know forums are the best source for getting information for a specific topic. There are many forums related to crowdfunding whether it’s about the advantages of crowdfunding or about a specific campaign. You can either start a forum by asking a question or just post a comment on forums which are directly related to your campaign topic.

The best part of the forum is, it is only discussed to a specific topic. There are many forum sites related to crowdfunding, some of which include, CrowdfundingForums, KickstarterForum, Crowdfunding Subreddit, and many more. You can also post link to your crowdfunding campaign which will results in more visits to your campaign.

There are a lot of free ways to promote your crowdfunding campaign. You can also check our Crowdfund Center Blogs for more ideas on how you can make a campaign successful.


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