Importance of PR in Crowdfunding Campaign

The success and failure of a crowdfunding campaign not only depends on the product or ideas, but it also depends on marketing strategies. A great marketing technique has high chances of success rate. There are many techniques for campaign marketing, some of which includes social media, Press Release, Articles, Email Marketing, and many more. But success for a crowdfunded campaign often hinges on the visibility earned through public relations outreach, and the field has become, well, crowded, which means generating great PR can be a challenge.

If you are planning to raise a large amount of funds, then you need backers from outside your circle. It means you need funds from strangers and for this you need to build trust about your campaign. Most of the people reviews before purchasing any products, which works same with the crowdfunding campaign. Before backing the campaign, people will check the campaign and the group or individual that is running the campaign and their reviews on different sites. To build trust, try to get some validation from the third party, i.e., the media, that will review about your product or campaign.

PR for crowdfunding campaigns is quite effective for reaching more people around the world. Media coverage is a great way to validate your crowdfunding campaign publicly. As media personnel, bloggers, and influencers have higher reach as compare to any individual person. If they like your product or campaign, then there are high chances that their followers will too like your campaign. Most of the people don’t have any media contacts, and reaching media is quite tough and takes longer time.

There are different ways to get media coverage. One of the best way is to send pitch about your product or campaign. Search for a targeted list of media that are writing about similar projects to yours that are likely to be interested in your campaign. Send a pitch about your product and why do you think they’d be interested in your product with high quality images. If you don’t hear back or they said they are not interested, then remove them from the list. Most of the media sides receive more than hundreds of pitches a day, so be polite and considerate. Be informative and never rude or spammy.

If anyone post about your product or campaign, then share the link as much as you can so that it can reach people that are likely to be interested in your campaign. Also update your campaign with logos of the site that post about your campaign so that people that visit your campaign can check on that specific sites about your campaign reviews. Once you have some visibility, people will believe in your campaign and will backed the campaign.


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