How to Attract more Backers to your Crowdfunding Campaign

Launching a crowdfunding campaign and making it successful is not an easy task. In order to make the campaign successful, you need to reach maximum numbers of peoples. Running a crowdfunding campaign is time consuming and needs lots of hard work across many channels. Whether you’re planning to run a technology project, community project or any other projects, all needs to be worked before the campaign goes live.

When you’re launching a crowdfunding campaign, you have to attract people towards your campaign. In this post we will detail how to attract more backers to your crowdfunding campaign.

Find out your Target audience

For running a crowdfunding campaign, reaching your target audience is very important. Regardless of the nature of your product, the success of the campaign has a great effect on how well you can connect to the people. If you’re a startup, every penny is important and you must avoid wasting money on unfocused marketing by chasing the customers. Identifying your target customer and tailoring your market efforts accordingly is essential for building a perfect foundation for your business. You need to first form a relationship with all potential online as well as offline communities and find out the target audience of your campaign.

Content is King

You have chosen your goal, rewards and promotion, but what about the content and the presentation of your campaign. One of the most important aspects in crowdfunding is the content, as people really pay attention to interesting stories. So take time and create best content to explain how your campaign is going to benefit them, what is the reason behind the running of crowdfunding campaign, and what they are going to get in return. Make your campaign entertaining and you will find that people are much more likely to contribute. And make sure that your conclusion is written nicely, as most of the people does not read the whole story, but they will probably read your last phrase, so make it extra nice. In the end, this may help get someone to become your supporter.

Update Regularly

Posting regular updates is also an important part in making your campaign a success. Without updates, backers and future supporters will not be able to know the status of your campaign and how you’re coming along with your goals. So keep your backers as well as audience informed of what is going on. Let them know how much fund you have raised every couple of days and also highlight if any interesting happens as this may encourage people to share it with their networks. Posting regular updates also define your efforts and how much you care about the campaign. It also helps raise more funds. The more you interact with backers and would be contributors, the more they will want to support your campaign.

Focus on Backers

Backers are part of your campaign now and all of them become an online community that you have built to support your campaign. So don,t just talk about money, and focus on telling your backers how the success of your campaign will benefit them. The funds will come if you focus on helping them understand what they’re getting out of the successful campaign and how they can help build the community that will result in making your campaign successful. The more you interact with your backers, the more they will support your campaign by sharing with their personal networks, which will result in getting more funds in the campaign.

Convert Backers into Promoters

After receiving funds, do not abandon your backers once they have donated to your campaign. Instead, stay in touch, encourage and ask them to spread word about your campaign. If someone is donating in the campaign, then they will surely hope for the campaign to be successful. You can use your backers who backed your campaign to promote the campaign and share it with their networks. You can also run stretch goals and referral contest to make sharing more interesting for your backers. In stretch goal, the backers will have more features in the product and in Referral Contest, people will get rewarded for promoting the campaign.


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